Monday, December 31, 2007

Just count to 10.....

before I go off like I did yesterday. Can you tell I have issues with certain things? But in all seriousness I guess that's why I try my best not to blog about work. Because it just becomes one big b*tch fest and I really don't need to go there. one of my resolutions for this upcoming year is to leave work at work :) Yeah....let's see how long that lasts. What are your resolutions for this upcoming year?

My list:

1. Take more time off
2. Take a kick-ass glass class
3. Finish my indoor studio
4. Finish the stairs in my house (well, this is more for DH than myself!)
5. Do more spur of the moment fun stuff
6. Learn how to use boro
7. Eat less fried chicken...yeah...that's right. And you KNOW how hard that is living in the South!
8. Get outdoors more
9. Take a multi-vit each day

OK.....I think that's enough...gotta hit the sack so I can get up early for work tomorrow. Hope you have a good one watching the ball drop or doing whatever it is wherever you are!

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