Sunday, January 18, 2009

Art Fire - for artisan products

As artists (doesn't that sound mildly pretentious?) I think we're always looking for venues to offer our goods where people appreciate the amount of time and effort that goes into producing a handmade, non mass-produced, piece of art. Recently I was introduced to another online venue for selling created to compete with Etsy. Don't get me wrong...I still think Etsy is great but have to admit that, like Ebay, it is becoming somewhat saturated more with supplies and mass-produced items rather than promoting the artisan made product the way it was initially intended to.

If you're looking for another place to sell and buy handmade items check out Art Fire

If you're interested in signing up for an account I'd love it if you use the link I've put up here (Register on - it's basically a referral link and you'd be helping me out :)

I'd like to know what you think about Art Fire so leave a note and let me know

Slightly overwhelmed...

I have this tendency - not necessarily to rush into things but more to sometimes bite off more than I can chew. In the last few weeks I've been thinking maybe I'm attempting to do something that might be more than I can handle.

So...let's step back. About mid-December I decided that I was actively going start the process of possibly going to anesthesia school. That started me down this path of craziness that's going to last about 6 months. I registered to take an advanced physiology course, registered and scheduled to write the CCRN (certification for critical care nuses) and GRE (graduate records exam), and have to get all of my application stuff done before July 1st (really am shooting for June 1st). The course and the certification I am doing to boost my chances of getting into school. The GRE I don't have a choice on for grad school. Oh...did I mention I'm also working full-time?

So....I know it's doable. I just have to focus on meeting each target and not over-thinking the whole thing and becoming overwhelmed.


Easier said than done. Will I have a life between now and then?

Monday, January 12, 2009

I've moved...

into my studio that is :) So I'm supposed to be making beads right now but I got caught up organizing and then I liked it so much I decided to take pictures. Long story short....I haven't turned anything on yet but I'm READY!!!

Here are some pics to get you started. I'm kinda 95% moved in and Kev thinks I'm nuts because it's not really final but who cares?

With the lights on.
With the lights off.
This is the top of the dental tools cabinet I got for a song. I totally rigged together something that resembles pegboard to hang my imprint tools.
The lovely powders that I'm going to work with (today hopefully!).
Pic of the studio from the doorway. Funny how all the posters I have are color sample posters. I need more arty stuff :) There was one more photo but for some reason I can't seem to upload it but you get the idea. Have I said again how much I love this space? It's small to be sure but it's fabulous!!!