Monday, December 29, 2008

95% complete.....yay!!!

I looked back on the forum I like to frequent and it was over a year ago that I first hinted that we were thinking of turning the pantry into a mini studio. I remember that there were a lot of nay-sayers (sp?) but my thinking's my studio....I can do whatever I want so long as I adhere to the rules of safety. So...without further are the 95% finished pics. More tomorrow as I add back some of the gear but for now it looks wonderful!

The corner workspace where I will primarily be working. The vent, instead of going up and out, now goes down and out. We hooked up a honking vortex fan which wound up being too strong so we added a speed dial so that the fan can be adjusted easily. Also, the table tops will be wrapped in metal so no fear of smoldering or burning.

This is the arm of the desk where my kiln will sit. Originally I thought I might try to put glass storage underneath or store my oxycon there after working but I think I might keep it clear because it makes the room much more airy.

A pic of the whole setup. I moved my balance ball chair from upstairs to my studio so now I'll have to find alternative seating for the study.

And the room from the doorway. I'm keeping the dental cabinet even though I originally didn't want to because it took up so much room but it's awesome for storage. All my miscellaneous tools, presses and whatnot are easily accessible. And it was a steal at $7!!

I love my room!!! DH worked super hard on it for me - even breaking into his vacation time just to make me happy so I'm a lucky duck :D

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Walls and floors...

The last time I posted we - well Kev - had thrown up the drywall and taped and mudded the seams. This time we primed and painted the finished walls and when that was done yesterday we got to work on the flooring today.

Here is the room just painted. Hard to tell because of the lighting but the walls are pure white. I wanted to keep it clean and because it's such a small space I didn't want color to overwhelm it.

Here is the corner where my workspace will primarily be located. You can see the gas outlet near the floor. That hole in the floor is where my ventilation system will come up through the floor. That dial on the wall is the speed controller for my ventilation fan.

Here is another pic of the walls with the flooring. We still have to put up baseboard around the bottom but that's a quick job and should be one this week.

Here is a pic of the actual flooring. It's laminate. I think it's supposed to be rustic pine looking or something like that. We got it on super blow-out at Lowes. We paid $3/case and picked up 3 cases so the flooring cost us virtually nothing. The nice thing is that it's a floating floor so it can be changed out easily (not permanent) and it was almost free!

This room looks really good empty :D

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Quick hello....

Hi all!

Not much exciting to tell you. The studio reno continues and Kev was busy taping and mudding today. I think we should be ready for primer and paint by next weekend. I wish this meant that we were close to finishing but there's still tons to be done least of which is the building of the custom tabletop that's going to be my workspace. Yeah. That's going to be interesting.

On a happier note Kev found me a way to create custom ringtones for my iPhone. That, to me, was always one of the greatest flaws of this great phone - the total inability to put ringtones on unless you bought them (what a racket!)

So, if you've been struggling along with the set group of ringtones that Apple has decided to stick everyone with and are looking for a way to create your own ringtones click on this link: How to create your own ringtones for the iPhone.

All you need is iTunes 8.0, music you've uploaded (can't be purchased from the iTunes store), and an iPhone!