Monday, July 5, 2010

Random thoughts for the day.....

Well, first off....happy belated 4th of July to you all!  I hope you had a great weekend with lots of food, sun, and fireworks while surrounded by loved ones :)  I got to spend the weekend with DH (who shall be henceforth known as "the dude").  We didn't have anything big planned.  In fact, we try never to do anything around holidays as neither of us can handle the stress of crazy drivers and the overall frenzy that seems to surround any kind of holiday.

We lounged around the house. I actually got on a bike and went on several bike rides with the dude.  There are parts of me that hurt that I didn't even know existed!  For someone who only learned how to ride a bike in her late teens I think I did OK.  It's still an ugly sight but I'm getting there :)  We also grilled on the BBQ and made the yummiest fajitas.  I'll have to post our special concoction sometime soon.  You'll love it!!

I did get a small bit of torching in and my most favorite bead of all time was born this weekend.  I have it listed for sale but, seriously, would be more than happy if it didn't sell.  Hmmm, maybe I should deactivate the listing and just keep it for myself.  Is this one I'll regret selling?

The bead is big.  Focal sized. Definitely meant to be worn as a stand-alone on a simple chain or ribbon.  The bead caps are all handmade by yours truly.

Anyhow, other than taking it easy and enjoying time with the dude I'm also buzzing with some big news.  I can't share because I don't want to jinx it but you know sometimes you have such a big secret it's just dying to pop out?  I haven't told anyone other than the dude and a couple of select peeps.  All I can say is that it's going to be a stressful next couple of weeks.  I'm just on tenterhooks and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to stand it!!

Well, before I ramble anymore I'm signing off.  This is going to be a crazy work week so you definitely won't hear from me at least until the weekend.

Have a great one!!