Thursday, April 30, 2009

Adrenaline rush...

It only lasts so long. I feel like I've been on an adrenaline high for the last week or so. I guess I really needed it to get stoked over finals. Well, our final exam for the class was yesterday and I have to say I'm really feeling the effects of the rush wearing off.

I leapt at the chance to be put on call today. If all goes well I won't get called in. In the meantime I'm just puttering. Surfing the 'net. Trying to get started on my personal statement for my application. Looking at the half finished hat I'm knitting thinking I should probably finish it. Debating whether I want to turn everything on in the studio for some beadmaking and risk being called in. I'm just all over the place.

Now that the class is done I have to shift my focus to the next task at hand - the GRE. Can I tell you how much I'm NOT looking forward to this? I know it's a necessary evil but darn it! Tests suck!! Thankfully I think I've got it under control and besides focusing on one more test and finishing my app all I've got is work (have to admit it's difficult getting back into the swing) and just life stuff to deal with. Not so bad, right?

It's kind of overcast today. Feels appropriate. Hope you're having a sunny day wherever you are!

Monday, April 20, 2009

There is no original thought...

This subject - copying, that is - comes up every now and then on the lampworking forums that I frequent.  I try to stay out of those threads because there's nothing guaranteed to turn people in raving loons faster than the mention of one person "stealing" another person's idea.

I've long believed that we are fast approaching the point where there is no more original thought. Let's face it...just about everything we do, write, create, say, is inspired by something or someone else.  I remember one time...the sheer lunacy of it...when a pal from college was almost expelled from her program for using the phrase "The house is red".  

Having said all of that...maybe we are inspired by things we see, hear, etc but even the blindest of the blind can tell when you've blatently ripped someone off.  Where am I going with this?  Well, recently it was pointed out to me that a reputable vendor is now manufacturing a tool for lampworkers.  Not that the manufacturing of tools is a bad's that this vendor took a tool being made by another person and pretty much copied it down to the last nut and bolt.

You judge for yourself.

I'm mad.  Mad on behalf of the toolmaker who spent all of his time, energy, and effort to create quality products for our lampworking community who then gets totally ripped off by this larger manufacturing company.  I'm curious to know what the ripoff is going to cost.  Are they going to try to undercut the little guy on top of ripping off his design?

I urge you to get mad.  Money talks and you should speak loudly by refusing to do business with such a shady, underhanded, un-principled business.  I also urge you to pass this information along to anyone you know who may be considering buying such a tool.  They deserve to know!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Slow-moving Saturday...

What are you all doing today? It's gorgeous out today - bright, sunny, and warm! I do believe that Spring has finally arrived!!! No big plans for the day 'cept catching up ton household stuff and some minor running around.

A big THANKS to Kristen (my biggest fan I think!) for being the first to try out the flower spacers and winning the surprise giveaway. Kristen, if you'll send me pics of what you do with them I'll be sure to get them up on the blog and website :) Kristen is a fabu jewelry designer so if you're looking for some neat pieces for personal adornment you should check out her blog and links.

Hate to say but the last test didn't go so well. It wasn't terrible but definitely not one of my finer moments. Will be cracking down for the last and final tests coming up in two weeks. If I go incommunicado you'll know why! I'll be so glad when this class is finally over and all I have to look forward to is the GRE. I'm not actually looking forward to that but am looking forward to getting it over with. It's been a nutty past couple of months.

Just for kicks I decided to see what all the excitement is about Twitter. I need one more thing to update. Like anyone cares what I'm doing in 140 characters or less :) If you're a Twitterer? Tweeter? can find me "yeepers".

That's it from me. Off to enjoy the day. Hope you have a great one wherever you are!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

On your marks, get set, GO!!

The new goodies have been listed on both Etsy and ArtFire. The first person to make a purchase of the flower shaped, big hole spacers gets some totally cool freebies!!

The flower spacers are guaranteed to fit any of the interchangeable bracelets like Biagi, Pandora, Chamillia, and Troll.

Textured on both surfaces, darkened then hand polished to produce highlights and lowlights. I do believe I'm the first to bring this shape to interchangeable bracelets :)

If you will, also check out the new Lg and Sm CHUBBIES. Just like the regular spacers but thicker and more substantial.

Here's a preview...
Leftmost are the regular thickness spacers. Middle are the small chubbies and right are the large chubbies. The chubbies are approx 5-6mm thick. Small chubbies are about 11mm in diameter. Large chubbies are about 14mm in diameter. Any of these make a bold statement on your wrist!!

I think you should throw a bunch of all of them on your bracelet for a truly one-of-a-kind creation. You know all of these have been handmade and finished. One of the perks of buying artisan make products!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Uh oh...

The new goodies took longer to prep than I thought so there will be no goodies tonight. Instead check back tomorrow :)

Have a good night all!

Promo time :)

Quick update.

Worked on some silver stuff today. Will be running a promo that starts as soon as I get pics of the newest stuff posted. Here's how it works:

I post pics of my newest creations.
You be the first to buy some.
I give you some very cool, very free, handmade by me, stuff.
(I may even give away some stuff even if you're not the first!)

That's it :)

I gotta get some economic stimulation going!

It's sunny out and we're having sushi for dinner. It's been a great weekend. Don't forget to check back later this evening for my next update. The website, this blog, and all my various online store areas will be updated.

Monday, April 6, 2009

So this is what it's like to have allergies....

A couple of years ago I went through a "spell" if you will. I felt under the weather...general malaise that just lingered forever it seemed. Later on that year I got tested for allergies and as it turns out I'm allergic to just about everything under the sun. I opted out of getting allergy shots (little bit of a money grab if you ask me!) and decided to take my chances with medication. I didn't really have any problems after that until now. My allergies are running amok. Congestion, itchy eyes, the whole shebang. Of course, all the trees are in full bloom and everything is covered in yellow pollen. Oh....when will this end?!? Medication isn't helping at all. What's a girl to do?

Hiding inside the house is the plan for the day. Not only will it limit my exposure to these allergens but it'll force me to hit the books. Big test on Wednesday and I feel grossly unprepared. This might be the one that breaks me. Who ever thought that putting the respiratory system together with the cardiovascular system would be a good idea for a test? To me...those are the two hardest systems to study :( In any case, I'm home, I can't breathe through my nose, and I'm going to be studying all day. What fun!

Hope you're all having a better day than I am :)