Saturday, April 18, 2009

Slow-moving Saturday...

What are you all doing today? It's gorgeous out today - bright, sunny, and warm! I do believe that Spring has finally arrived!!! No big plans for the day 'cept catching up ton household stuff and some minor running around.

A big THANKS to Kristen (my biggest fan I think!) for being the first to try out the flower spacers and winning the surprise giveaway. Kristen, if you'll send me pics of what you do with them I'll be sure to get them up on the blog and website :) Kristen is a fabu jewelry designer so if you're looking for some neat pieces for personal adornment you should check out her blog and links.

Hate to say but the last test didn't go so well. It wasn't terrible but definitely not one of my finer moments. Will be cracking down for the last and final tests coming up in two weeks. If I go incommunicado you'll know why! I'll be so glad when this class is finally over and all I have to look forward to is the GRE. I'm not actually looking forward to that but am looking forward to getting it over with. It's been a nutty past couple of months.

Just for kicks I decided to see what all the excitement is about Twitter. I need one more thing to update. Like anyone cares what I'm doing in 140 characters or less :) If you're a Twitterer? Tweeter? can find me "yeepers".

That's it from me. Off to enjoy the day. Hope you have a great one wherever you are!!

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Kristen said...

ha ha I am a huge fan of yours Yee! You never cease to amaze me! I know exactly what I am doing with those spacers. It's a beautiful day here and hopefully I can get a picture in while the sun is out. I'll send it over! :) Thanks again!