Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Catching up...

Hi all! How's it going out there in the rest of the world? My little part of the world hasn't changed much :) Still working too much and not doing much recreationally. I think I need to fix that part.

Still working on getting through my stats course. Only a couple more weeks then I'll be done (hopefully with an A but we'll see how that goes!). Got signed up for a bunch of work-related courses so April and May has me working less but still doing lots of work-related stuff.

Bead-wise? That's virtually non-existent. I keep saying I'm going to get back to the torch and it turns out there's never enough time or I just don't have enough energy. Sad really. Some days I feel like I wouldn't even know how to light the torch I've been away so long!

Big plans for tomorrow. A group of people from work are all getting together for a fun lunch and I think it's going to be great. Imagine 20 crazy ER folks, mowing down on yummy Italian food - family style - and just shooting the sh*t. It's going to be great!

Best thing about tomorrow? I won't be at work (and I'm scheduled for a massage!)

Seeya :)