Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kit Kat Update....

Remember I talked about the crazy green tea Kit Kat I found while on my last trip back to Toronto? Well, I finally broke into one and it was pretty interesting.

So it comes in a pretty swanky cardboard box that hinges open at the top. Inside are two individually wrapped sticks. Each stick is about the same sized portion as 2 of the sticks on a regular Kit Kat bar.

Taste-wise? Not too terribly different from a regular Kit Kat. Maybe a little less sweet. The green tea was barely discernible. The overall consensus is that it's cool and gimmicky but not worth the premium pricing (they were $1.50/ea CDN). I might pick this up if it were being sold side by side with a regular Kit Kat and was the same price but I wouldn't go out of my way to look for it :)

I'd be curious to see if anyone else has tried this version and what your thoughts are about this new flavour.

Friday, August 22, 2008

New job....

So I survived the first week of the new job. Not actually on the job because it was more administrative orientation stuff this week. Next week is when I get to do real on-the-job stuff. I have to say that I'm excited and scared all at the same time. I guess I must have felt the same way the first time I actually had to take a patient all on my own. It's not that I'm not confident I can do a good job it's just that things are going to be so different - a different computer-based charting system, different protocols, different people. I guess it just takes getting used to :)

All in all things are going well. It will be interesting to see how the next 6 weeks pan out. Will I absolutely love working at a level 1 trauma center? Who knows? But I'll try my best to keep you posted.

Enjoy the weekend! I'll be indoors working all day tomorrow.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Home Sweet Home....

Let me say again how sweet it is to be home. There's nothing like sleeping in your own bed, being surrounded by all your own stuff.

So, not a long update today but I did want to post a couple of pics - nothing major - from my trip. I have to admit that I'm a horrible picture taker. I'm just not one of those people to whip out a camera whenever something catches my eye. I think I'm going to work on that. After all, with camera phones these days I should be able to take a pic of just about anything, right?

OK. Here's a pic of my first meal upon my return. What else? Noodles. Yeah!!!

I swear, if someone would just open up an honest to goodness genuine Chinese noodle shop they'd make a killing down here in Raleigh/Cary.

Anyone interested? I'd invest in your venture :) My faves? Some kickin' wonton noodle soup with a side dish of simple veggies with oyster sauce. Nothing like the basics to make my tummy happy!

After the noodle shop we stopped by the ubiquitous asian grocery where upon browsing the shelves I saw these.

I wish I woulda grabbed the ones that had the english wording but the overall gist is these are KitKats with......matcha green tea!!! I swear. Only in Toronto. If it's hip (green tea/matcha is pretty hip right now) then the asians are all over it.

I haven't actually opened one up and tried it....yet. I'll be sure to post my impressions when I do. Haven't scientists been saying all along that chocolate is healthy? Well, with the addition of green tea and all those antioxidants this stuff has got to be even better for you than before, right?

And here's my final pic. Just for kicks. I've never seen anything like this before. Has crime really climbed to such an all-time high that this is what we have resorted to in Toronto?

I wish I would have looked a little more closely to see what the rental fee is. Gone are the days of the simple metal racks where you'd park your bike and clip on your handy-dandy bike lock.

I wonder whether those bike lock companies now include Toronto on their list of cities where they will not offer a guarantee against theft??

Well, that's all from me this fine Sunday morning. Hope you're all having a good one wherever you are!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I love my iPhone!

What else would I be doing while sitting in the airport terminal waiting for the plane to finally take me home? I swear this thing is the greatest invention of all time. I can surf the net regardless of the fact that wifi isn't free (what's up with that?), send and receive email, and do goodness only knows what else!

I have some funny pics to post from my trip that I'll get to when I get home. Unfortunately the my camera didn't like the cable I tried
to use to download the pics.

Anyhow, just a quick update from moi. It's good to get back stateside.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Toto.....we're not in Cary anymore......

Living in Cary, NC is a unique experience that some have referred to as being similar to being in the movie Pleasantville. Everything's manicured and color co-ordinated. Some used to joke that Cary was like vanilla ice-cream with flecks of vanilla bean. Make of that what you will. 9 years ago I moved from metropolitan Toronto to the small town of Cary and that was an eye-opening and life-changing experience.

Let's just say that the pace of life down south has grown on me. Making my way up to Toronto to spend some time with family and to get some paperwork done has only served to solidify my belief that it's highly unlikely that I will ever move back here.

Take driving for example. Yes it's true that there are some really dumbass drivers down where I live - those who can hardly manage to merge onto the highway. No problems with that up here because everyone drives like a maniac and it's bumper to bumper every which way you look. It's enough to make someone who isn't claustrophobic become it. Traffic snarls with no end in sight. Eeeeek....I wanna go home!

But, for all the craziness that this place brings it also has things that one would never see south of the 49th parallel ( a good friend just pointed out...I was a couple of parallels too far north at 49. Maybe closer to the 43rd!). Just wait until I get my pics downloaded and you get a look at some of the things I've found in just my first of 3 days back.

More to come......

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Don't know what to do with myself....

It's not often that I get more than 2-3 days off in a row. I know, I know...some of you out there may be thinking you never get more than 2 days off in a row ever. I guess my thinking is that I work 12-hour shifts and usually at least 4 of those a week so it's just always happened that my days wind up spaced in such a way that I don't get a huge chunk of time off unless I purposely plan it that way.

Anyhow, somehow I actually wound up with 6 days off in a row! Nice, right? Not for me....that's too many off in a row :D I picked up an extra shift so instead of 6 days off I get 4 off, 1 on, 1 off, then 2 on. I'm a nut. It's not bad though. That's just about the most time off I want to take....for now.

My problem is that even when I have a whole bunch of days off instead of getting tons accomplished I get absolutely nothing done. There are a million things I could be doing but instead I'm totally frittering away my time - surfing the net, vegging, hunting mice on Facebook. Will I ever actually get anything concrete accomplished??

I'll be heading back to Toronto for a couple of days shortly. Maybe I'll take some pics and post them. I can't wait to get back....lotsa yummy food that can't be found here in the south. Can we say "real" dim sum and authentic asian cuisine??? My salivary glands are working overtime!

Hope you're having a great weekend wherever you are :)