Saturday, March 5, 2011

Keeping it all in perspective.....

Hey everyone!  I'm still here.  Another month has passed since I last wrote and I thought I'd finally sit down to put my scattered thoughts into words.  Many times in the last few weeks I wanted to blog out my frustrations.  There are have been so many things I've wanted to vent about but thought it prudent to keep things on the DL. 

The events of the last few days have motivated to me to write this post.  My friends, S and J, recently had a devastating thing happen.  The short of it is......they were matched with a birth mother and were totally ready to welcome a baby girl into their home when the mom changed her mind after giving birth and decided to keep the baby.  I can't even imagine what this feels like.  I have no words and the standard platitudes are just that.....platitudes.  Whenever I think about this I want to cry so I imagine it must be 100x harder for the two of them.

Which just makes me matter what I have going on that I may want to vent issues are trivial.  When I was working I would be reminded on a daily basis of how unfair and sucky things could be and it really helped me keep things in perspective.  Now that I'm away from it I find myself losing perspective more easily and I don't like it.

Today I am thankful for so many things:
  • the most wonderful, supportive, and loving husband
  • friends and family who listen and help keep me grounded
  • good health
  • all the opportunities that have been given to me
 I hope that you are having a good day wherever you are and thank you for reading this blog. Each and every one of you mean a lot to me.