Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nonsense and whatnot....

Hello world....(or at least those of you who happen to be reading this!),

I wish I had tons of interesting stuff to tell you but, alas, my life has been quite boring as of late. The good news is that I wound up doing quite well on that last test that I was stressing about. Now...the question will be whether I can repeat that on the next one.  The next one promises to be a ball-buster and I'm being realistic about what the possible outcome might be.

In the meantime I've been preparing for an upcoming certification exam.  Seems like all I ever do these days is take tests :(  I can't wait for this part of the year to be over with. 

Today I took a break from the books and decided to break into the stash of PMC3 that I had lurking around.  I finally got all the knick-knacks "needed" to work with the stuff and I decided that there's no time like the present. the end I churned out a ton of bead caps that I hope to use for my beads.  I also made about a dozen large hole spacer beads that look quite neat on my Pandora bracelet.  I'll try to post a pic as soon as I get one taken.  I have to say that I'm quite addicted and am already searching for affordable sources for more PMC3.

Other than that I haven't lit up the torch for a while.  I got a bunch of stuff done earlier that I listed on Etsy.  A couple of the bigger beads I finished I was hoping to core with silver - hence the decision to play with silver clay.  I'm also waiting on some additional supplies to come in so that I have the right size of tubing for the coring.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow because I'm treating myself to a 2-hour massage!!!  It's going to be the best day :)  I hope you had a good one and I'll catch up with you again soon.


Jordan said...

What's PMC3?

Yee said...

PMC - Precious Metal Clay. The 3 just refers to a type of PMC. There are a whole bunch of different types - end result is the same but working with them is slightly different - different degrees of shrinkage, different length of firing time, etc.