Sunday, January 20, 2008

What on earth is a Neti Pot?

This was my thinking when I scrolled through my favorite lampworking forum, where someone was asking whether anyone had used a neti pot and if it was effective.

Curious me did some reading and for all of you who are now similarly intrigued here's a link to Wikipedia. Turns out it's all about nasal irrigation. For someone who is currently suffering from congestion due to a crazy head cold I was all over anything that would clear my sinuses. So off I went with DH in tow to the nearest pharmacy where I proceeded to check out all of the nasal irrigation kits out there.

I opted for a positive pressure device (essentially a big squeeze bottle) instead of a gravity device since I couldn't really figure out how to put a teapot to my nose. Anyhow, suffice it to say that I'm sold!! In went the solution and out came the guk. It's awesome!!! I can breathe again and I'll be the first to recommend nasal irrigation to anyone suffering from congestion whether due to allergies or a cold.

I'm not affiliated with these folks at all but liked the Sinus Rinse from NeilMed.

Hooray!!! I can breathe again.


Jordan said...

Only you would blog about self-administered nasal irrigation!

John's Neti Blog said...

I actually saw the original Oprah Winfrey episode about the neti pot/nose bidet with Dr. Oz. I have had sinus problems my whole life and decided to get one. I just got a plastic deal from Sinucleanse that came with the salt packets on Amazon. That was last summer, I think, and I've been using it daily ever since.

It was definitely weird at first, but I find it works. Apparently a lot of people are interesting in these things. The last time Oprah has a rerun, my little site where I talke about my nose bidet had about 3000 visitors in 1 day ( it normally gets about 100 without much effort).