Thursday, November 8, 2007

Getting into the blogging spirit....

So, really my life is pretty boring and there isn't much to write about all the time. Luckily for me today I discovered Flaming Hot! which I hope will help get me over my sometimes blogging humps.

Today's topic is: The Witching Hour? Do you list auctions at a certain time faithfully every week? Are you all over the time zone map? Does it even matter? What is your listing time philosophy?

To tell the truth it's been a long time since I had anything listed on Ebay or any other auction style site. Part of it is that I've just been super busy with other things. The other part is that the market was becoming saturated with new lampworkers and not many buyers were buying anymore (at least they weren't buying my beads!). However, when I was still listing I found that the ideal time for me to end auctions was:

1 - Sometime in the evening after work and supper - so usually around 7pm PST. This covered both east and west coast buyers without being too late for the east coast.

2 - Usually on a Sunday or Monday night. Never on a Friday or Saturday. People have other things to be doing on those nights and are usually not sitting in front of their computers participating in a bidding war.

3 - I'd try to have things up continuously. This is the most important thing I found - consistency in listing times/intervals. Eventually I started listing everything as a 3-day auction and just tried to have things end not on Friday or Saturday. This, for me, was the hardest part. Having enough time to torch to be putting things up consistently. I guess that's why I haven't had anything up for auction in a long time.

I think most of these things are kinda common sense each seller has their own selling mojo, you know? Like if you've developed a cult bead following I don't think it matters when you list's going to sell no matter what.

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