Thursday, November 29, 2007

Split personalities...

Sometimes I get stumped when it comes to blogging. I never know whether I should talk about my life in general, my work as an ER nurse, or my lampworking hobby. Most of the other blogs that I read tend to focus on one main area and I feel like I don't really have one main thing that I focus on hence the split personalities thing.

So, today I'm blogging about the fact that I'm having difficulty blogging :) Every now and then I think maybe I'll write about work but then I'm afraid that I'm going to scare people off with my frustrations and my jaded cynicism so I stay off that topic. My life....well, that's not the most interesting topic at kids, no funny fluff-ball pets, no real news on that front. As for lampworking that's kind of a non-topic right now with the weather being so cold and my new indoor studio space getting worked on. No good beady news to share.


Let's about this. I'm on a search for some parts. Here is a pic that I purloined so that I could show an example of what I'm looking for.

I need the inserts that you see in the pic (or at least something similar). The closest I could find was stainless steel standoffs but those are open on the end that doesn't screw onto the mandrel and I was hoping for something with one closed end. Anyone out there in cyberspace reading this know of a good substitute of these parts? I'm offering bead rewards!

Tomorrow is a day off so maybe I'll come up with something good to write about. In the meantime....have you ever read The Pioneer Woman's blog? I love it!


Frostfire said...

Yee, Mincot and I are looking for those as well, with no real luck so far. If we find a source we'll let you know.

Jordan said...

Just looks like a cylinder, open at one end, with a screw thread on the inside... right?

Yee said...

Yup! Down here the screw that would fit that insert is an 8-32. What's that in metric? Anyhow, even if it is metric we can get metric here.

So, it's a cylinder closed at one end with screw thread in the open end.

Only thing is it has to be uncoated stainless steel.