Thursday, March 11, 2010

Exercise in frustration....

I've been holding off venting to the world but this morning I feel like this:

I feel like I may need to exercise some primal scream therapy or something.  For the most part I'm pretty level-headed.  Until something really irks me and then I have been known to say some not so nice things under my breath.

I have been taking a course at the local community college.  Believe's no institution of higher learning.  Still, I'm invested in this course, learning as much as possible, getting the best grade possible.  If I'm foiled in my quest because the person teaching the course is a butthead who has no idea how to teach and the reason I get a poor grade is not because I dropped the ball I'm going to be (I already am!) a seriously unhappy camper.

I find it highly inappropriate that we should be teaching ourselves the course material.  Not only that but when did you ever have essay questions as your whole science exam (won't say which science)?  I mean, 10 essay questions in 1 hour???  And then you tell me that the reason your taking points is not because the answer I gave wasn't right but because you didn't like how I answered the question?????



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