Saturday, April 30, 2011


because I'm so good at it :)  But really I need a brain-break from studying.  I've been at it non-stop (it seems) and I can't stop until the last final on Wednesday.  The great news is that my last final for this semester is on Wednesday!!!  Other than that.....well, I wish I had more fun stuff to tell you.

Let's see.  The beads I showed you in my last post sold so I had to say was sad :( That just means I'll have to get to making some more!  I've been feeling a little bit like a "dealer" lately. Lots of purple powder has been getting measured and shipped out. If you're looking for Zimmermann Z-99 Purple Rose powder you'd better mosey on over to the Etsy store before it's all gone.  Don't I only wish I could reproduce this "lampworker's gold".

Allergies are finally subsiding a little so I can breathe.  This is a good thing.

Looking forward to starting clinicals in a few weeks (could also say I'm slightly nervous about the whole thing!) I probably won't be around much but will definitely try to keep you updated. I keep thinking it would be super cool to tell you about all the stuff I'm doing at school but I worry about all those privacy issues so I think it better to keep it simple.

So that's my blah update for the day.  Weather is beautiful. Stuck inside. Maybe I'll try to escape the house a little later on this afternoon :)

Hope you're having a great one!!

ps.  Here's a pic just for fun.  You know I'd go into severe OCD induced shock if I had to deal with this on a daily basis!

@DH's workplace!  How do you find anything???

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