Sunday, February 14, 2010

The tomato quest finale!

I think today will be the last of the tests and comparisons.  Today we're pitting Cento D.O.P against the Rao's. On initial opening both appear very similar. Both are packed in puree and a nice, rich red. To the nose the Cento is a little more "bright" - so says Kev and I have to agree.  It smells maybe a little more acidic, not quite as deep as the Rao's.

So off into two pots with an onion and the requisite butter.  The simmering is almost done.  Quick observations - the Cento appears to be less watery during cooking.  The overall color of both sauces is remarkably similar.  We'll have to do the taste test shortly to see which brand we'll wind up sticking with.  Either way I think either of these brands will do and will depend on what's on sale at the local grocers.  Today Rao's was on sale at our local Fresh Market at $3.49/can so I stocked up.

Check back for the official taste-test results :)

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