Saturday, August 8, 2009

More of the same.....

I had my one month post-op followup earlier in the week. Everything looks like it's healing just as it should however my eyesight is not as I expected it would be. I still have days of blurred vision. Overall my vision is great i.e. I can see and do all the things I used to need glasses or contacts to do. My left eye is great had is showing "no prescription" meaning (I'm guessing) that I'm seeing 20/20. My right eye - which started as the worse eye - is still lagging behind and at my follow-up I was seeing 20/60 and I'm concerned that this will not resolve.

From what I've heard and read it can take months for vision after PRK to stabilize. As the corneal cells grow back vision may change. I'm hoping that things will continue to improve and that at my 2 month follow-up I'll be doing better in the right eye. Not that it would require glasses or anything but after going through all of that I seriously am not relishing the idea of having to wear glasses whether they're temporary or not. Another option that is available if the vision in my right eye doesn't improve over the next few months is that I could get a touch up on my eye. Something to think about I guess.

So, for now things are definitely going well. I have occasional blurriness but I think this is due to eye overuse and fatigue as well as dryness. I still haven't gotten used to my new eyes and still find myself thinking that I need to take my contacts out before bed because I can still see clearly. It's a hoot :)

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