Sunday, May 17, 2009

Almost roadkill

or maybe that should be lawnmower kill. Yup...Kev was out mowing the lawn on Saturday when he almost ran over this little guy...

I shouldn't be surprised I guess. Our cul-de-sac does back onto a local park and we constantly find wildlife that's wandered over to our neck of the woods (so to speak). One time we opened the front door and found 4 deer on our lawn literally less than 6 feet from the front door. It was seriously cool!

Another time we found that a mama bunny had decided to make her nest in the hollow of a tree stump in our front lawn. Those were the cutest bunnies ever. I so wanted to keep them but Kev said we had to leave them to nature. I do believe that nature came in the form of the next door neighbour's cat. But let's not think about that. We have one bunny that loves this one particular spot in our backyard. I named him Winston-Bunny. I love seeing Winston-Bunny in our backyard :)

Anyhow, I'm glad that this little turtle was in our backyard and not trying to cross the road (like the other unfortunate bugger we saw a couple of weeks ago). We took the little guy over to show the kids next door. Of course they wanted to keep him but mom said no. They turtle-sat until the mowing was done and then he was freed to roam at will.

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one-eared pig said...

Yay! A turtle that lived! I live near some marshy, swampy land, and the only turtles I see are long gone. It always makes me sad.