Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weren't you wondering?

I'm sure you've all been hanging around just waiting to find out how the test went. It sucked. You know how after the fact you could kick yourself for not paying attention to the small details? Like you were so busy thinking about the big picture - understanding the physiology - not really worrying about the minutiae. Yeah...well that came back to bite me in the butt.

Well, at least it's done. All I can do now is hope it went better than I think it did. I won't know the results until next week. Could they torture us any more? How long does it take to run a freakin' scantron through a machine?

I'm curious to know how many of the answers I changed wound up being right or wrong. They say you should never change your answer and to always go with your first instinct. I didn't really follow those rules today.

Keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

Yee, here's hoping that you did well!

Yee said...

Still no word on grades. I can't believe it takes this long to post grades for a course. Ridiculous. Torturous.

rosemarie h. said...

That's goofy!