Thursday, September 25, 2008

Weekend getaway...

Finally.....I put my foot down and decided that whether or not we had time I was going to make time to get away. Do something other than stay home and do nothing on the weekend. Just my luck there was a spot open for a lampworking/beadmaking retreat in Asheville and I paid my fee to reserve my spot.

I'm looking forward to meeting all my fellow beaders who I've only had the pleasure of conversing with online but never met. I'm definitely thrilled about the opportunity to learn new techniques and watch other people work. Most of all, I'm happy to be up in the mountains, enjoying a little bit of an adventure.

Originally when I was going to make this trip alone I had booked myself into a Red Roof Inn. Then Kev decided he wanted to come along and so we decided to see if we couldn't find more interesting accommodations. An online search found this place: Asheville Rabbit Hole

I think it's pretty neat that there are places like this out there to be found. We're doing the same thing when we head out to Port Townsend in November. We'll be staying at 331 Cook Avenue Studio and I think that's going to be a blast.

The best thing about both places is that they're just minutes away from where the classes are being held and it's kinda nice that they're not your typical hotel. Maybe that will be my goal from now on - to find neat little artist studio spots to stay in whenever I travel.

We've just gotten settled in to our getaway spot. More pics and stories to come later!

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Frostfire said...

Yee, I'm sorry we won't get to meet -- I wasn't able to make it to Hot Time this year. Believe me, you did NOT want to stay at the Red Roof Inn. It's a little bit scary. I've bookmarked the place you're staying at for the next time I go to Asheville -- it looks too cute!