Saturday, June 14, 2008

Artsy-related new stuff

It's been a while since I blogged about anything artsy. I've been so busy with work that really I've not had much creative juice flowing. With my studio partially finished I've found it difficult to overcome the dry spell and so this week I decided it was time to jumpstart my creative endeavors and leap head-first into a couple of new things.

First: I made an effort to re-introduce myself to an Etsy group I joined a while back - NC Triangle Street Team (see links/image on side for more). I hope that this effort will motivate me to create more and to advertise and put myself out there so that more people can see what I'm working on :)

Second: I joined another Etsy group - Lampwork Etc. (LE) Street Team (see sidebar for more links). This one caters more to the lampwork group and I'm also hoping that this membership will prod me into becoming more productive at the torch.

So, I've committed myself to participating in these two dynamic groups. There's no turning back! Visit tomorrow when I plan to blog on the SRA and some other thoughts about recent goings on in the art world.

Thanks for visiting!

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