Saturday, May 3, 2008

Long time no see.... you know what they say about the best intentions. My intention was to blog daily if at all possible. I think you've probably realized (if you're at all visiting this thing somewhat regularly) that I am definitely NOT blogging daily :)

So...what's new you say? Well, that dreaded Stats course is drawing to a close (thank goodness!) and my final exam is due on Monday. I'll be glad to be done with this math madness. There's a perfectly good reason why I could never be an engineer or scientist or anything that involved using complicated math on a daily basis. That's because my brain just doesn't process numbers. This is something I've come to realize in taking this course. I sucked at Stats in highschool and that is something that hasn't changed in 15 years!

Otherwise, work is going well. There are the usual ups and downs. I think I'll stay off this particular topic as it's a bit of a sore spot right now. Besides that life is good....I have my health, am gainfully employed, (mostly) enjoy my work, my husband is wonderful, the weather is beautiful and there's nothing that I could possibly complain about. Nope. Nothing at all :)

Life is (still) good.

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Kristen said...

Great to see you back on Yee! I've missed your beads! Glad to hear that your life is (mostly) well. Will be looking forward to seeing some new things from you when you have some time to spend on yourself! I am always checking back just to see if you've had time to post. Glad I checked in today! Take Care,
Kristen L.